Monster Permit Caught on Fly


The one that got away adage might have been written just for catching a permit on a fly. Bob Cosgriff won’t be uttering those words this time regarding the catch-of-a-lifetime permit he caught off Acklins in the Bahamas.

Anglers Bob Cosgriff and Barry Kanavy, a guide himself located in Montauk, New York, decided to flee the winter weather and visit Grey’s Point Bonefish Inn for some of its famed bonefishing spots. Evan Peterson of Angler Adventures suggested the two anglers to team up with guide Garon Williamson.

Cosgriff used a Helios2, 9-weight with Nautilus NV reel, Rio 9-weight permit line connected to a Rio 20-pound leader, ending with a tan Kung Fu crab-sized four.

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